Welcome to our web site! We provide ready-made and customised software development services for Windows and the Web. Our Windows sofware are normally used either as standalone or in a network in the office using desktop computers while our web applications are used online over the Internet using desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Why should you choose us for your software needs?


Our software are designed to be easy to use from the beginning. This important feature helps you learn the software quickly and be productive immediately. For us, the major benefit is that problems are easy to diagnose and fix. This allows us to reduce manpower costs and we can then pass the savings to you.


We build many configuration options within our software to allow you to use the software the way you want to. If a setting is not available but you feel that is useful to have, we welcome feedback from you and if it is confirmed to make our software more user-friendly, it will be added in.

In the event that you need one or more features that are suitable for your own needs only, you can consult our development staff to create a special version of the software just for you.

No requirements are too small or too large for us.


Our software are priced according to the features that they have and at the lowest reasonable price possible for the value they provide and the after-sales support service we include with our software.

Since we have low overheads in our operations, we can pass along the savings to you.

If you have more questions or would like to consult us about your software requirements for free, please contact us.