The iCARAT Client Account Manager (CLAM) is an in-house web application for our clients to view and change their account details, manage users, download the latest program updates and more.

Note: Program updates and downloads are only applicable to CARAT software for Windows as they require an installation into your computer for them to function. iCARAT web applications are updated automatically from our side and downloads are not necessary.

If you have purchased software or use our customised software development services, an account will automatically be created for you and you will be provided access to it. When you are ready to log into your account, click the "Login" menu at the top of this page. A new window will be created and the following login page is shown.
Enter your company ID, user ID and password. The information will be sent to you when your account is created. The company ID is made up from the initials of your company or your name and is assigned by us and cannot be changed. However, the user ID and/or password may be changed by you from within CLAM.

The company ID is always in capital letters while user ID is case insensitive, i.e. it does not matter if your letters are small or big. However, the password should be entered exactly as created.

In this page, enter each field and press the ENTER or TAB key. Messages will be displayed below each field to indicate if the entries are correct or not. If all fields are correct, the Login button will be enabled and you can then click it or press ENTER on it to log into the main page.
The main page is displayed next.
Let us describe this page from the top.

There are three menu items; Users, Instructions and About. The usage procedures for each are described below.

When you select the Users menu, the above is the module you will see. This module allows you to add, change, display and delete users for CLAM. In addition, you can also manage the modules allowed for access by each user.

To access a sub-module, click the buttons on the right. When changing the users, you may also press ENTER on the desired row or double click the row to initiate the changing process. If you are deleting a user, you may also press the Delete key when you are at a user's row. To close the module, click the Close button or press the ESCAPE key.

Add Users

To add a new user, click the Add button. The following window appears.

•   User ID - A unique field for each user (Required)
•   Real Name - The real name for the user (Required)
•   Change Password - If checked, you will be able to access the password box and change the password
•   Existing - If changing a password, enter the existing password here
•   New - If adding or changing a password, enter the new password here
•   Verify - Re-enter the new password here to verify that you have entered the new password correctly
•   Reset Password - Allows you clear the existing password and enter a new password
•   Access expiry date - If entered, the user can only log into CLAM until this date

Enter the relevant fields. If all entries are correct, the Save button will be enabled for you to save the data. If you do not wish to save the data, click the Cancel button or press the ESCAPE key. If changes have been made, you may be prompted to exit to discard the changes or remain within the module. Respond accordingly.

Once the Save button is clicked, CLAM will save the data and increment the addition counter and repeat the process with another new user. Repeat or abort the process as needed.

Change Users

This module allows you to make changes to the user's data. The process is the same as for adding users except that for password, you need to enter the existing password first. Once the Save button is clicked, the module closes.

Display Users

This module displays the users' data and no changes are allowed.
You may click the navigation buttons at the bottom left corner of the module. They are in order from the left; first record, previous record, next record and last record. If the first or last record has been reached, the Close button will be highlighted, as shown above.

When you are done looking at the data, click the Close button or press the ESCAPE key.

Delete Users

This module allows you to delete a user you no longer need. Position the row cursor to the user you wish to delete and either press the Delete key or click the Delete button. CLAM will prompt you to confirm your request. Respond accordingly.

Note: Once a user is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Manage Modules

This module allows you to specify whether a user can access the various modules.
To allow a user to use a module, check the Allow box on the right. To prevent a user from accessing a module, uncheck the Allow box.

Note: For security reasons, we recommend that only users in charge of management be allowed to access the C-Clients and S-Security modules.

If you want to allow access to all modules, click the Allow All button. To disable access to all modules, click the Allow None button.

If you wish to retrieve and apply the module access from another user, click the user selection box at the bottom left corner of the window and select the user. Then, click the Clone button.

When you are done with the management of module access, click the Save button. If you wish to discard any changes made, click the Cancel button. CLAM will prompt you to confirm your request or whenever you exit the module without saving changes.

This page contains general installation instructions and you should review it for information about downloading and updating your program.

When you are done looking at the information, click the Close button or press the ESCAPE key.

This window displays information about CLAM.

If you wish to report a problem or ask something, you can click the email link or you can click the web site link to visit our web site.

When you are done looking at this window, press the ESCAPE key or click the X button at the top right corner.


The main page is divided into several sections. There is the client details, support status and available software updates.


This section contains the data that we have about you. The fields are described below:-

•   Code: Account number
•   ID: Company identification code
•   Name: Company name
•   Address: Full address of the company
•   Tel. 1: First telephone number
•   Tel. 2: Second telephone number (May be replaced with the handphone number)
•   Fax: Fax number
•   Contact: Principal contact person of the company
•   Email: Principal email address for the company
•   Web site: Web site for the company
•   Remarks: Description and/or notes about the company

Note: If you have been allowed access to changing company details, a Change button will be displayed next to the ID field. You can then click on it to make changes the client details. All fields are editable except for the code, ID and name.


This section describes your current support status and the available support options you are entitled to based on your support contract.

There are 4 types of support statuses.

•   Active: All your software support contracts are active
•   Mixed: Some of your software support contracts are active
•   Expired: None of your software support contracts are active
•   Not Available: You do not have any licensed software (or we have not updated your account)

The first three statuses will display the last expiry date suffixed to them.

If you have a mixed status, support will be provided for the software which still have an active support contract. If you have an expired status, no support will be provided.

There are 4 support options for each support contract; email, telephone, updates and remote. If the option is available, a "Yes" will be shown next to it. Otherwise, a "No" will be shown instead.

Email support is mandatory. Update support is only necessary if you are using CARAT software. Telephone support is only needed if you want immediate responses to your questions. Remote support is required only if you prefer someone to show you how to do something or to fix a problem directly on your computer.


This section shows you the software that you have purchased or we had created for you together with software updates, if any. The columns for the grid are described below:-

•   Name: Software name
•   Version: Current version number (Will be blank if no updates are available)
•   Exp. Date: The support expiry date for the software
•   Rel. Date: The latest update release date (Will be blank if no updates are available)
•   Expired: Whether the support for this software has expired (Exp. date is earlier than today's date)
•   Action: If a "Download" link is available, you can download the latest update of the software

Note: The download link is available even when the support has expired if the release date of the software update is earlier than or equal to the expiry date.


The user ID you used to login will be displayed. When you are done with your account page or downloading updates, you can click the Log Out button to close the main page and return to the Login page.
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