CARAT Cue is our Windows based reminder software that saves and earns you money. Paying penalties for missing deadlines or losing potential income because of missed appointments is not something you want to do.

It is available in two editions; single and network. The single edition is used by individuals who wish to be reminded of things to do everyday when this software pops up when the computer starts.

The network edition is used in a hardware setup where multiple computers are connected to each other to share programs and data and where reminders can be entered and shared with one or more users of the program.

Features and Benefits


  • Manage categories for reminders (1 for single, unlimited for network)
  • Manage users (1 for single, 5 for network)
  • Manage unlimited reminders
  • Supports sticky (always appears at the top) reminders
  • Includes support for archiving reminders (expiry dates no longer tracked)
  • Create a reminder from an existing one
  • Search for reminders
  • Shows sticky, past due, due today, due soon, not due yet and archived reminders with different coloured backgrounds for easier reference
  • Sets the expiry date manually or calculated based on a number of days from a specified date
  • Includes an amount field for reminders so that the expense due is also known
  • Includes a built-in calendar for easy reference when managing reminders
  • Calls the Windows's calculator from within the program in the event it is needed
  • Backs up and restores data files from within the program
  • Includes a full online help
  • Lifetime licence and support


A trial for CARAT Cue is available for download here.


Note: The un-activated (trial) version of CARAT Cue has no evaluation expiry date but limits you to 1 category, 1 user and 10 reminders.

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