All our clients receive the following free basic technical support services when they purchase licences for off-the-shelf software or contract us to develop customised software.

•   Access to the support forums
•   Direct email support


In addition to basic support services, the following optional priority support options are available:-

•   Phone support
•   Remote access support
•   Program fixes and updates

Each is available on an annual basis.

Users who have access to them are:-

•   New clients
•   Existing clients who purchase them
•   Clients who are using web applications hosted in the cloud

Scope Of Support

•   Support is only provided for software licensed or sold by C T Software (CTS)
•   Support is provided for hardware settings and configuration if the hardware is meant to be used by our software
•   Up to two (2) persons may be designated to request for and receive support at each location

Scope Of Program Fixes And Updates

•   Program fixes are meant to correct errors with existing modules of programs
•   Updates are carried out on existing modules of programs and are not meant for adding user-requested modules

Client Responsibilities

•   Clients are expected to carry out daily backups and be familiar on how to use them to recover damaged data
•   Clients are to know how to download program updates and install them
•   Clients will request that leaving staff train new incoming staff on how to use the programs

Chargeable Non-Support Work

•   Amendments required as a result of customisation requests
•   Amendments required as a consequence of changes in hardware, other software or the operating system
•   Requests for additions of modules which, in CTS's opinion are specified to the client requesting it
•   Requests for additions of or changes to modules which are needed within a timeframe
•   Work done to re-install and set up programs and data because no backup is available

Delivery Method For Program Updates

•   Program patches are created and uploaded to our web site for downloading by clients who have an active plan

Travelling Disbursements

•   If travel is required to the client's location, hourly timecost and out-of-pocket expenses will be billed accordingly


•   If a client has an overdue account and payment is not received after a reminder, all support will be suspended
•   If a priority support service contract is not active or has expired, clients will only receive basic support services

Billing For Priority Support

•   Support is only provided after receipt of payment and commences from the date of payment
•   Fees for support services are billed annually for each software used at each location
•   Payments made are not refundable


•   Priority support contracts are not transferable