No matter how careful we are when creating our software, it is possible that bugs can result. Our technical support is designed to help clients use our software smoothly for an extended period without incurring a high cost. Charges, if any, are meant to offset our administrative and software development/maintenance costs which will allow us to deliver better and more robust software.


Technical support is included at no extra charge for all CARAT software and iCARAT application purchases for the first 12 months. After that, it can be extended for 12 months if you would like to continue receiving it. The following support services are provided:-


•   Email

•   Telephone

•   Chat

•   Remote access

•   Software/application feature upgrades

•   Software/application bug fixes


Note: Software/application updates/upgrades are either provided as downloadable installation files or auto-updated by us for online versions of iCARAT applications.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Is Support Provided?


Technical support is provided to one (1) designated person or his/her alternate, should the primary person not be around. In addition, for desktop installed software, support services is provided for software installed at one location. Each different location for a company using the same software requires a support plan for that location. (For online software, the location is always our servers)


All services are provided remotely and no office or on-site visits will be carried out.


Is A Support Plan Required?


No. If you do not have one, you simply do not receive the technical support services.


What Happens When A Support Plan Expires?


Upon expiry, support services will no longer be provided. However, you can continue to use your software without restrictions.


How Much Does A Support Plan Cost?


A support plan for off-the-shelf software is currently 50% of the list price or RM390.00 per year, whichever is lower. Support for customised software is calculated differently and is available on request.


Note: Prices for existing support plans will remain the same and continue indefinitely


How Many Times Can I Request For Technical Support?


There is no limit to the number of times you can request for support.


Is There An Additional Charge If We Require You To Re-Install The Software For Us?


It depends. Our software are easy to install and if you have data backups and follow our instructions, you should be able to re-install the software yourself.


Otherwise, you can have us perform the software re-installation service. The service covers the following:-


  • Installation of the program into one (1) computer
  • Sharing of the program's directory
  • Excluding the program's directory from Windows Defender's scanning
  • Creation of a shortcut on the computer's desktop
  • Restoration of the data from your latest backup
  • Creating shortcut(s) from up to five (5) client computers to one (1) server (if any) (You will be taught how to create shortcuts for the remaining clients)



  • All physical hardware and connections must be ready for the software re-installation to be carried out
  • You must also provide us your latest data backup file if you want your data to be restored
  • An Internet connection is required as the re-installation will be carried out remotely


Each technical support plan comes with one (1) software re-installation service included at no extra charge. If you require software re-installation services for the second time onwards, a flat charge of RM300.00 per incident is applicable.


What Is Not Included In Your Support Plan?


  • Hardware setup and repairs
  • Hardware troubleshooting (unless related with the use of our software)
  • Installation of operating systems
  • Configuration of operating systems (unless related with the use of our software)
  • Installation and configuration of non-CARAT or non-ICARAT software (unless related with the use of our software)


Support Hours


Support is provided during office hours and they are:-


•   Mondays to Fridays: 9:00am to 5:00pm

•   Saturdays: 9:00am to 1:00pm

•   Sundays and public holidays: Not available

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