C T Software started in 1986 as a software company to develop business software for DOS under the name of CARAT (Computer Aided Real-Time Automation Tool).
When Windows 95 came out, we started creating software for it too.

In 2015, we started developing web applications and in 2018, we gave our web applications an official name (CARATWEB) and we released our in-house hosted online applications which we offer to the public for a nominal subscription fee.

Our portfolio include off-the-shelf software for clients who are happy with ready-made solutions and customised software for clients who need something more for their needs.

All of our software are designed to be easy:

•   on the pocket
•   to use
•   to support
•   to fix
•   to install
•   to learn
•   to update
•   to relocate

We expect all our clients to receive:

•   reasonable price quotes for our software and services
•   quality suppport for the software and services they pay for
•   fast responses to their telephone calls, emails, messages and letters
•   knowledgeable answers to their questions
•   quick fixes to program faults
•   continuous communications to keep them updated about their software and our services