How would you like to use a software tool to create bills of materials (BOM) for your finished products, cost them, schedule production and requisition/order raw materials in your production process?

Normally, production planning is part of an expensive MRP system but we have extracted a sub-set of modules so that any manufacturer of goods and services can enjoy the convenience of production planning. This is all packaged in our new software called CARAT Production Planner (PPLAN).
The main window for CARAT PPLAN is shown above. The picture in the main area of the window can be changed on a per-user basis and you could put in your favourite family, scenery, vacation or pet photos like it is a photo frame!

In the above printout, a BOM has been created for a cheese cake a bakery is producing. In it, raw materials that are used, their quantities and costs and the total material costs are shown. Below it, other costs involved in its production are specified to arrive at the standard cost. CARAT PPLAN then calculates the profit/loss based on the unit price less the standard cost and gives a prodit/loss percentage as well.

At a glance, you can decide if it is feasible to produce the cake. If not, you can either increase the unit price or lower the costs until an optimum profit can be obtained.

In the above report, production of the various finished products have been scheduled with the customers the products are being manufactured for and their quantities specified. It is now a matter of passing the report to the factory manager to make the products.

In the above report, the raw materials required to produce the items have been exploded from the BOM and are now grouped by their suppliers. With this list, you can now decide if the raw materials are in-stock or if they need to be ordered. (You could also sort it by raw materials)

This report is in the detailed format. CARAT PPLAN also has a simplified format that looks like the following:-
This is a three column format that is printed on A4 paper and you can cut it out and slip it into your pocket.

If you export the simplified report to an Excel file (as seen below), you can transfer the file to your smart phone and you can tick the items off as they are purchased.


CARAT PPLAN has full user and module access security you can set to protect your data from being seen by unauthorised people.

CARAT PPLAN comes in two editions; Personal and Professional. The Personal edition is suitable for households who want a program to manage their shopping list while the Professional edition contains full functionality for a manufacturer of goods and services.

The following table compares the two editions.
CARAT PPLAN is suitable for manufacturers of goods and services like the following:-

•   Restaurants
•   Bakeries
•   Factories
•   Kindergartens
•   Schools
•   Book publishers
•   Transport
•   Software developers
•   Plumbers
•   Housing
•   and more...


You can download and try out a free evaluation copy of CARAT PPLAN to see if this software meets your requirements.