CARAT Payroll+ is our new employee and payroll management software. The "+" suffix means that it contains modules that go beyond payroll preparation functionality.
CARAT Payroll+ - Manage claim types
The following lists the available modules in CARAT Payroll+:-

•   Manage race
•   Manage religions
•   Manage employee details
•   Manage medical leave entitlement
•   Manage annual leave entitlement
•   Manage loan details
•   Manage advances and print voucher
•   Manage medical, annual and unpaid leave
•   Manage, verify and approve claims and print claims list

•   Create, manage and process payroll
•   Print payroll vouchers
•   Archive payroll

•   Print employee and salary lists
•   Print salary list and advances reports
•   Print loan and leave reports
•   Print EPF, Socso and PCB reports
•   Print overtime/allowance report and Form EA (C.P. 8a)
•   Print denominations list
•   Print bank payments list
•   Print claim reports
•   Print employee analysis report
•   Create Socso export file
•   Create EPF export file
•   Create PCB export file

•   Manage archived payroll data
•   Manage EA benefits-in-kind
•   Select overtime rates based on fixed rates or basic percentages
•   Keep payroll data for multiple years
•   Perform backup and restoration of data internally
•   Manage access to all modules for all users

•   Access online help for quick references to modules
•   Manage payroll for an unlimited number of employees
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