CARAT Payroll+ is our new employee and payroll management software. The "+" suffix means that it contains modules that go beyond payroll preparation functionality.
CARAT Payroll+ - Manage claim types
CARAT Payroll+ is available in four editions. They are Starter (SE), Advanced (AE), Premium (PE) and Reseller (RE). The comparisons between the first three editions are shown below:-
Short descriptions of the various editions are shown below:-

•   SE - This edition is for businesses with a staff count of 10 and below and extensive reporting needs are not required

•   AE - This edition is for businesses with a staff count of up to 60 and where complex requirements are needed

•   PE - This edition is currently based on AE and removes the limit of the employee count

•   RE - This edition is meant for software dealers and resellers who wish to resell AE with or without add-on services
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