iCARAT Vantage

iCARAT Vantage is our web based accounting system that you can use from any device with a web browser and Internet connection. It currently has the general ledger modules which you can use for the following functions:-


  • Manage codes for fixed assets, accumulated depreciation, current assets, current liabilities, long term liabilities, intangible assets and shareholder funds

  • Manage codes for income, cost of goods sold, selling and administrative expenses, other income and other expenses

  • Manage cash and bank receipts

  • Manage cash and bank payments

  • Manage adjustments

  • Prepare and print bank reconciliation statements

  • Print the trial balance

  • Print the general ledger

  • Automatically generate and print the profit and loss account

  • Automatically generate and print the balance sheet

  • Manage transaction batches

  • Manage general ledger opening balances

  • Import Lazada orders and post to the general ledger

  • Import Shopee orders and post to the general ledger

  • Validate and rebuild the general ledger

  • Manage users and module accesses

  • Backup your data files to Excel files

  • Display an online help

  • Display the latest news and announcements

Future Modules


If you look at the bottom of the above image, you will see that aside from the "GL" panel, there are panels for "DL", "CL", "ST", "QT" and "PO". These represent the  modules that will be added to iCARAT Vantage in the near future. They are:-


  • DL - Debtors' Ledger

  • CL - Creditors' Ledger

  • ST - Stock Ledger

  • QT - Quotations

  • PO - Purchase Orders




iCARAT Vantage is being offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that an annual subscription will be payable for each module that you wish to use. After the one year, you may choose to renew the subscription for continued use. If you choose to not continue with the subscription, you may continue to access your account for 1 month but functions that add data will be disabled along with backing up of data. In addition, your user access count will drop to one.


If you renew your subscription before the expiry of the 1 month grace period, you will not incur a registration fee (if any) and be entitled to the renewal rate applicable to you. After the grace  period, you will incur prices that apply to a new subscriber at the time of subscription.




  • No installation needed

  • No directory permissions to set and no shortcuts to create

  • Always includes the latest updates and upgrades

  • Available 24/7

  • Use it anywhere with an Internet connection

  • Use it from any device with a major web browser

  • Includes a standard 2-user multi-access licence

  • Includes a comprehensive online help manual

  • Low, all-inclusive annual subscription prices




If you are interested in evaluating iCARAT Vantage, click this link. After the login window appears, click the Eval button to access the evaluation data. Aside from backing up of data, which is disabled, all functions work similar to a subscribed account. Do be aware that the evaluation data can be accessed by other potential users at the same time and they may change as you are evaluating it. The evaluation data is reset on a weekly basis.

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