If you use SQL Account, we are able to provide customised software development services to extract, display, manage and update the data. You can choose to have the frontend and middleware modules to manage the data like the example application below or you can use only our middleware modules to communicate with SQL Account's database server.


What is a Frontend Module?


A frontend module is an application that allows you to look at SQL Account's data that has been extracted. You can add, change, display, delete or report it. Processing of data may be carried out with a copy of the data. After you save the data after it has been changed or delete data, the function of updating SQL Account's database server is passed to the middleware module.


What is a Middleware Module?


A middleware module is usually not seen because it carries out all database server updates in the background. The instructions to update the database server are either passed by our frontend module or your own programs. Once the process is completed, a status message or ID will be returned by the middleware module.


Do I Need the Frontend and/or Middleware Modules?


  • If you just want to display data, only the frontend module is needed
  • If you want to display and update data, both modules are required
  • If you only want to update data, only the middleware module is needed


The following are some reasons why you may want to use our modules:-


  • Create and print reports which are not in SQL Account
  • Extract and process data in a different way for your own requirements
  • Update SQL Account data (e.g. stock sold) from your own programs, like POS systems
  • Update stock data from multiple locations (warehouse, sales counters, branches, etc.)
  • Extract data and export it out for your own use
  • Create your own frontend module to extract and update data or simply to display it
  • Use data from SQL Account for your own programs
  • Web enable your desktop-only SQL Account programs
  • and more...

The above showcase application is a web application that connects to SQL Account's database server and runs in the cloud. You can try it anytime and anywhere.


Click here to try it out. (Note: The use of a desktop computer, laptop or tablet is advisable for display purposes)


If you would like us to develop software solutions to integrate with your SQL Account program, please contact us.

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