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We provide services to create or customise software applications for the following categories:-

•   Windows - Software that are created to run in desktop and laptops under the Windows operating system
•   Web - Software that are created to run in web browsers for computers, smartphones and tablets
•   Hybrid - A combination of Windows and web based software that communicate with each other
•   Customisations - Enhancements or changes made to our existing off-the-shelf software
•   Data conversions - Software that convert data from one source to another

Your software will be written based on your requirements and prices are based on the time required to create the application. The costs include systems study, development, delivery, installation, training and provision of technical support.

All software include a workmanship warranty of one year from delivery date. Any bugs that are present in the software or modules that do not work as defined in the quotation will be fixed without charge within the warranty period.

Among the applications that we have developed include the following:-

•   Accounting
•   Manufacturing
•   Productivity
•   Invoicing
•   Logistics
•   Quotations
•   Order processing
•   Distribution
•   Reporting
•   Stock control
•   Office management
•   Restaurant management
•   Human resources
•   Advertising
•   Floor directory display
•   Device and hardware control
•   Payroll management
•   Communications
•   Point-of-sales
•   Contact management
•   Course study
•   Utilities
•   Data conversion and transfer

When you engage us to create or customise your software, you can expect the following benefits:-

•   Free systems study and analysis of software requirements and preparation of quotation
•   All-in fixed cost quoted for development, delivery, installation, training and technical support for the first year
•   Completed software will be delivered within the deadline set
•   Workmanship warranty is provided for one (1) year from the delivery date
•   Knowledgeable experts are available to advise clients and developers
•   Quick response, resolution and provision of program patches for problems reported
•   Remote access is carried out to clients' computers to fix problems quickly and act as a teaching aid
•   Optional low annual maintenance fee (after first year) for technical support and provision of program patches

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