We provide customised software development services for Windows or Web software based on your specifications. Our rates are reasonable and we deliver within deadlines. After the software has been installed, we provide you with our efficient technical support to ensure that the software runs without interruption.

All our customised software include a 365-day maintenance contract to cover the warranty for workmanship, complete technical support and quick provision of patches to fix program problems.

The project fee is all-inclusive and covers systems study and analysis, coding, installation, training and technical support.

The following are environments where your software can be developed and used for:-
Win-To-Win Image

These software run in computers with Windows operating systems installed. In a standalone environment, the software  runs from a single computer and is used by one person at any time.

In a local area network, one computer is designated as a server and the software and data are installed here. Other computers connected to the server run and share the software and data.

An Internet connection is not required to use the software.

An example of these type of software are our CARAT software.
Web-Over-Net Image

In this scenario, a computer at one location (main office) contains the data, program and a database server.

At one or more other locations (branches), the program is installed and when run, accesses the data in the main office over the Internet, via the database server.

An Internet connection is required at all locations to use the software.

Try out an example of our Internet based Windows software by downloading a special Windows program and running it. No installation is necessary.
Web-To-Inhost Image

Here, a web software is installed together with data and a web server in a computer designated as a server. The server can be the only computer in a standalone environment or be part of a local area network.

All users with computers connected to the server use a web browser to run the web software which then manages the data. The web software and data is accesible either locally or remotely from other locations.

An Internet connection is not required to use the software via wired cables. However, it will be required for wireless usage.
Web-To-Cloud Image

In this environment, the web software, data and web server are installed in a non-company owned computer. A hosting fee is typically required.

To use the web software, a web browser will be used to access the web software remotely over the Internet and then via the web server to access the data.

An Internet connection is required to use the software.

You can see an example of our web software running in this kind of environment here.

Software Customisation Projects

The following are some of the software solutions we have created:-
Staff and payroll management
Magazine distribution
Wholesale goods distribution
Questions and answers preparation and presentation
Student management
Property management
Spare parts distribution and retail
Prepaid and postpaid phone customer management and billing
Contact management
Commission calculations
Cheque writing
Expense claim management
Brick manufacturing and invoicing
Bank transaction system
Leave management
Manufacturing data charting
Secretarial and tax billing system
Price tracking
Sales tax management
SMS management
Airwaybill management and printing
Mall directory and advertising display
Materials Resource Planning (MRP)
Production Planning
Restaurant booking system
Consignments management
General insurance system
Document management system
Fixed asset register
Licence management system
Data conversion
Data import and export
Purchase order management and generation
Eggs production system
Human resources management
Travel agency booking and billing system
Annual return management system
Staff appraisal system
Order management system