We offer two pricing models for our off-the-shelf Windows software.


In this model, you pay for use of the software on a monthly or annual basis. The advantages of subscriptions are that you do not pay a large lump sum to start using the software and the fee covers both software fixes and upgrades and support is included at no extra charge. However, in return, you must commit to making the payments or you will not be able to continue using the software.


When you licence the software, you pay a one-time licence for the software in the first year. This fee includes support and software fixes and upgrades. After the first year, you may optionally choose to pay an annual maintenance fee to receive further support and software fixes and upgrades. If you do not wish to do so, you may continue to use the software as-is.

User Access Licences

All software allow simultaneous access by 2 users at the same time. If you want to add more users, you can do so at RM15.00 per user per year for subscriptions or a one-time RM100.00 per user for licensees.

Ordering Procedures

1.   Sign up for an account (if you have not done so)
2.   Place your order and create an invoice (Enter your email address and password from the signup and click Next)
3.   Change your personal details (Your name, address and telephone number is required)
4.   Add the item(s) you wish to order
5.   Click the Create button (This will be disabled if there are missing personal information or no items are added)
6.   Confirm that what you have entered is correct
7.   The invoice will be generated and emailed to you with a copy to us
8.   Follow the payment instructions in the invoice and email

Note: If you made one or more mistakes in the invoice, repeat from step 2.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


General Ledger  ◄
Debtors' Ledger  ◄
Quotations  ◄
Creditors' Ledger  ◄
Purchase Orders  ◄
Stock Ledger  ◄
Security  ◄
2 user access licence  ◄

Subscriptions - Monthly: RM39.00, Yearly: RM399.00
Licences: RM1,999.00, Maintenance: RM390.00/2nd year+


Employees  ◄
Payroll  ◄
Leave, Advances, Claims, Loans  ◄
EPF  ◄
Socso  ◄
Income Tax  ◄
Security  ◄
2 user access licence  ◄

Subscriptions - Monthly: RM29.00, Yearly: RM299.00
Licences: RM999.00, Maintenance: RM390.00/2nd year+
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