Window Software

The following are prices for off-the-shelf Windows software. You have the option of paying once for the software (one-time) or paying an annual fee (subscription) to use the software. The one-time option includes priority support for the first year and is optional for subsequent years. The subscription option includes everything in the price.
Software Name Price Per Year (RM)
Price (RM)
- Cash (GL) 50 399
- Basic (GL, DL, CL) 100 999
- Standard (GL, DL, CL, SL) 150 1,399
- Advanced (GL, DL, CL, SL, QT, PO) 200 1,999
- Consignments 1 (GL, DL, CL, SL, QT, PO, DCSN) 250 2,399
- Consignments 2 (GL, DL, CL, SL, QT, PO, DCSN, CCSN) 300 2,999
- Add-on modules for GST 50 399
CARAT DirectAds 150 999
CARAT PIPM 150 499
CARAT Treasurer 150 499
CARAT Payroll+ 150 999
CARAT Real Estate 150 999
CARAT Instalments 150 999
CARAT Siren 150 999

* CARAT GSTA Flex Modules

GL = General Ledger
DL = Debtors' Ledger
CL = Creditors' Ledger
SL = Stock Ledger
QT = Quotations
PO = Purchase Orders
DCSN = Debtors' Consignments
CCSN = Creditors' Consignments
GST = Goods And Services Tax

Web Applications

The following are prices for CARATWEB off-the-shelf Web applications. You have the option of running the application in your own computers (local hosted) or using our servers to run the application (cloud hosted), if available. The local hosted option includes priority support for the first year and is optional for subsequent years. The cloud hosted option includes everything in the price.


For locally hosted web applications, there is an additional one-time fee of RM300.00 for remote installation and configuration of the following software and services in the computer hosting the web application. Future web applications will use the same installation.

•   Web server
•   Private SSL certificate
•   Dynamic domain name
Web Application Name Price (RM)
Local  Hosted
Price Per Year (RM)
Cloud Hosted
- Compare stock prices 90 N/A
- Display general ledger 90 N/A

Priority Support Services

All users of our CARAT and CARATWEB software receive free perpetual unlimited forum and email support. In the first year, they also receive priority support services (PSS) at no additional charge. After the first year, they may optionally purchase PSS for another year.

PSS consists of the following:-

•  Telephone - Allows you to call us to request for technical support
•  Remote access - Allows you to request us to connect to your computers via the Internet to fix problems or train you
•  Program fixes and updates - Allows you to download all program patches that fixes problems or add features

The price of PSS per year is 10% of the cumulated software cost at the time of purchase or RM390.00, whichever is higher.


•   For more information about support and terms and conditions for support, please click here.
•   An invoice is required before payment can be made. Please contact our sales staff to request for it.