Software Name Price (RM) Online Purchase
CARAT Accounts+
Cash Edition (CE) - General ledger
Starter Edition (SE) - CE and debtors' and creditors' ledgers
Advanced Edition (AE) - SE and stock ledgers
Premium Edition (PE) - AE and quotations and purchase orders

Reseller Edition (RE) - Based on the Premium Edition



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CARAT DirectAds 599.00 299.00* Buy Now
CARAT PIPM 499.00 Buy Now
CARAT Treasurer 299.00 199.00* Buy Now
CARAT Payroll+
Starter Edition (SE) - Up to 10 employees
Advanced Edition (AE) - Up to 60 employees
Premium Edition (PE) - Unlimited employees

Reseller Edition (RE) - Based on the Advanced Edition



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CARAT Real Estate 599.00 299.00* Buy Now
CARAT Instalments 599.00 299.00* Buy Now
CARAT Siren 599.00 299.00* Buy Now
CARAT PPLAN 599.00 299.00* Buy Now
* These prices are available until 28th February 2019

The prices for our CARAT software include the following:-

•   Single user access
•   One company name
•   Unlimited email support
•   Program fixes and updates (30 days for RE and 365 days for others)

Notes About The Reseller Edition (RE)

These special editions of CARAT Accounts+ and CARAT Payroll+ are meant for software dealers and resellers who wish to resell them with or without add-on services. This edition has a 30-day program update support and phone and remote support options are not available for purchase.


•   Additional user licences - RM100 per user
•   Unlimited user licence - RM500
•   Additional company name - RM100 each (applicable for CARAT Accounts+ only)
•   Unlimited company names - RM500 (applicable for CARAT Accounts+ only)
•   Phone support - RM200 per year (not available for Reseller Editions)
•   Remote and phone support - RM300 per year (not available for Reseller Editions)
•   Program updates - RM100 per year (applicable after 30 days for RE and from the second year onwards for others)
•   Report formatting - RM100 per report per company name, 10% off for 10 reports and above

Ordering Procedures

You have two ways to order and pay for your purchase:-

•   Click here to create an invoice. For instructions on how to use the invoice order system, click here.
•   Click on the Buy Now links above to get it from Shopee where you can pay with a Visa, MasterCard or FPX

DuitNow Promotions

We are having a promotion until 28th February 2019 whereby you can get an extra year's worth of email support and program updates worth RM100 if you pay for your CARAT application via DuitNow. Here are the steps:-

1.  Pick the CARAT application you want and note down its price
2.  Log into your bank account
3.  Look for the DuitNow transfer
4.  Enter our ID of 000707149X and the CARAT application price
5.  Confirm the details and initiate the transfer
6.  Once we receive your payment, we will send you the login credentials

If you need an invoice, click here to create it. (Remember to select the product code starting with DIN_CT to qualify)

A sample DuitNow payment screen is shown below.

Sample DuitNow Transfer Screen
The above screenshot is taken off an RHB Bank's web site. Your screen may differ depending on the bank site.

1.  Select "Business Registration No."
2.  Enter the business registration number of 000707149X
3.  Enter the amount to transfer
4.  Leave the transfer date as-is
5.  Select "3rd Party Transfer" for the recipient reference
6.  Enter the program name
7.  Click the Preview button to review your entries

If they are correct, you can then click the Submit or equivalently named button

Payment Methods

We accept payment using one of the following:-

•   Pay direct via FPX using your current, savings and credit card account from within the invoice (available soon)
•   Visa, Mastercard or FPX via our online store at Shopee
•   JomPAY to biller code 80358 and enter your account number in the "Ref-1" field
•   DuitNow to account ID 000707149X
•   Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) to the RHB Bank account of 2123-211000-4145 under the name of C T Software
•   Cheque issued in the name of C T Software and banked into the RHB Bank account number of 2123-211000-4145

Instalment Plans

If your order amount at our online store at Shopee is more than RM500.00 and up to RM1,000, you can choose to pay in 6 interest-free instalments with a MayBank or Public Bank credit card. If the order amount exceeds RM1,000, you can pay in 12 monthly instalments.

If you have any questions, please let us know.
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