You no longer need to track your investments using notebooks or spreadsheets and manually calculate your investment holdings! Gather all your investment transactions and keep them using our new personal investment portfolio manager software.

CARAT PIPM will track historically, your Buy and Sell quantities, value for multiple counters and for multiple portfolios and will generate reports on your Buy dates and range, Sell dates and range, Average Buy and Sell prices, profit/loss upon sale and accumulated profit and loss by counter and total holdings.
CARAT PIPM - Man Window
There are three ways to sort the reports and includes one that you can customise the sort order to your style. The reports will have details as well as summaries and they will be calculated in real time. You can print to the screen, save to PDF, print to the printer and even export to Excel.

You can set multiple currency investments. Upon a Sell, you can set off against the Buy date. You are in control. There is no time limit on how long you want to maintain the historical data, you decide.

The following are major features available in CARAT PIPM:-

●   Manage multiple portfolios
●   Manage multiple counters for each portfolio
●   Transfer counters between each portfolio
●   Select portfolios to manage without exiting the program
●   Manage any number of buy transactions
●   Manage any number of sell transactions
●   Manage any number of adjustment transactions
●   Auto calculates the balance quantities, balance values, balance average prices, balance actual prices
●   Determines the profit or loss on each sale and accumulated profit and loss for each counter in a portfolio
●   Print buy and sell transaction lists by counters and date ranges
●   Print the investment list by counter and date range and choose 3 different sort orders
●   Print the investment analysis report by counter and date range with 3 different sort orders
●   Manage users and passwords and the modules they can access
●   Backup and restore data files


Download a free evaluation of CARAT PIPM today and try it for yourself. If you are into serious investing, purchase it now and put a SMILE into your investment portfolio and assist your decision making.
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