The iCARAT Invoice Order System (IOS) allows you to generate an invoice online for the software or services you wish to purchase from us. Before you can use IOS, you should have already signed up. After the invoice has been created, you can then use it as a basis to make the payment and keep as your record.

Note: We recommend that you create an invoice before any payment is made.

To start the order process, click the link for IOS above. The login module is shown first.
Enter the email address and the password you used for signing up. The email address is not case sensitive and must be in the valid format. The password is case sensitive and must be associated with the email address.

Note: If you have not signed up, click the Sign Up button to perform the process.

If there are any errors with your entries, error messages will display as the invalid password above shows. After you enter a field, press the ENTER or TAB key to move to the next field. If all your fields are correct, the Next button will be enabled and you can then click on it to move to the next step.

If you do not wish to proceed, you can click the Cancel button. IOS will return to the calling web site.
After the Next button is clicked, the page expands and the detail section is shown. This section is further separated by your personal information, items ordered and your remarks.

If this is your first time here, your address and telephone number will be blank. You will need to fill them as they are required. Click the "Change Customer Information" box (1), if not already ticked. The personal data fields will be enabled.

Personal Data Fields

Title - Salutation for yourself (required. select from list by clicking the selection list button)
Name - Your name (required)
Company - The company you work for (optional)
Address - Your address (the first line is required)
Telephone - Your contact number (required)
Customer code - Displayed only

Make the necessary changes and move from field to field by pressing the ENTER or TAB key.

When you are done, proceed to the items section. At least one item must be present before the invoice can be created. To add an item, click the Add button (3). The following window will be displayed:-

Add Items
Select an item from the list by clicking the selection list button. Press ENTER or TAB to move to the quantity field. Enter the quantity required. The quantity cannot be less than 1. The unit price for the item will be displayed while the total is the unit price multiplied by the quantity.

Click the Save button to save the addition. IOS will increment the addition count and prompt you to add the next item. Repeat as desired or click the Cancel button to exit.

Change Items

If you wish to change an item, position the row cursor to the item desired and click the Change button (4) or double click on the row. The same window as for adding items will be displayed. The method for use is the same as adding items but once you click the Save button, the window closes.

Delete Items

This module allows you to remove an item. Position the row cursor to the item you wish to delete and click the Delete button (5) or press the Delete key. IOS will prompt you to confirm the request. Respond accordingly.

Change Remarks

The remarks field is used for entering additional information about your order. If you wish to add or change the remarks, tick the Change Remarks field (2). The remarks field will be enabled and your cursor will be positioned there. Enter your remarks as you wish and press the TAB key to exit the remarks field.

Saving The Invoice

Once you have completed the relevant fields and you are satisfied with them, click the Create button (6) to save the invoice and generate it. You will be prompted to confirm the request. If allowed to proceed, IOS will save the data associated with the invoice, generate it and then email you the invoice and copy it to us. A completion message will be displayed when the processes have been carried out. Acknowledge it and the login window will be re-displayed.

Check your email for instructions and save and print the invoice.

Resetting The Fields

If you wish to clear the items selected and restart again, you can click the Reset button (7). IOS will ask you to confirm your request. If you respond positively, the personal data and items list will be cleared and the login fields will be displayed.

Cancelling The Order

If you do not wish to proceed with the order, click the Cancel button (8). IOS will ask you to confirm your request. If you do so, the login window will be shown again.
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