CARAT GSTA Flex is our premier accounting software created for small to large companies. It is offered as separate module suites which you choose for your software package and you can start with a single suite and add on as your company grows larger. Regardless of the modules you select, each is designed to be easy to learn and use.
The following lists the possible module suites in CARAT GSTA Flex:-

●   Manage general ledger codes
●   Manage transaction types
●   Manage cash and bank payments and receipts
●   Manage journals
●   Print cash, payment and journal vouchers
●   Print receipts
●   Print the chart of accounts, trial balance, general ledger, profit and loss account and balance sheet
●   Prepare and print the bank reconciliation statement
●   Print the group and trend analysis reports
●   Audit posted transactions

●   Manage debtor codes
●   Manage and print invoices, credit notes and debit notes
●   Print debtors' list, debtors' ledger, ageing report and statement of accounts
●   Print mailing labels, reminder letters, 50 fastest and slowest paying debtors
●   Print account balances and outstanding invoices' list
●   Print analysis by debtor, stock, location, date, salesmen, payment and business types
●   Manage salesmen, locations, payment types, business types and industry codes

●   Manage quotations
●   Print quotations
●   Link debtors' invoices with quotations and extract quotation details into invoices

●   Manage deliveries, print consignments' list and print consignment note
●   Manage sales, print consignment sales list, generate and print invoices
●   Manage returns and print consignment returns list
●   Print consignment status report

●   Manage creditor codes
●   Manage invoices and credit notes
●   Manage and print debit notes
●   Print creditors' list, creditors' ledger and ageing report
●   Print mailing labels, account balances and outstanding invoices' list

●   Manage purchase orders
●   Print purchase orders
●   Link creditors' invoices with purchase orders and extract purchase order details into invoices

●   Manage receipts and print consignments' receipt list
●   Manage sales, print consignment sales list and print statement of sales
●   Manage returns, print consignment returns list and print statement of returns
●   Print consignment status report

●   Manage stock categories
●   Manage stock codes
●   Manage stock adjustments
●   Print stock list, stock price list, stock movement report and stocktake worksheet
●   Print excess stock report, stock reorder report and receipts from suppliers report
●   Print bin labels, stock expiry report and stock valuation report
●   Refresh stock costs

●   Manage tax codes
●   Manage bad debts
●   Print purchase listing
●   Print supply listing
●   Print summary sheets for total acquisitions and total supplies
●   Print working sheets for debtors'/creditors' credit/debit notes
●   Print working sheets for bad debts
●   Print transactions without tax codes list
●   Print GL transactions with tax codes list
●   Print GST-03 tax return and export TAP file
●   Export the GAF and print the audit report
●   Manage GST submission data

The following modules are included at no extra charge with any of the above module suites:-

●   Manage users and passwords
●   Manage modules users can access
●   Manage signature files associated with users
●   Print user audit trail

●   Change preferences
●   Manage company data
●   Backup and restore data files
●   Manage batches
●   Validate and rebuild ledgers
●   Auto-assign transaction numbers
●   Update report files
●   Online help


The general ledger suite is the minimum required. Thereafter, you may add on other modules but some modules require the base modules before they can be used. For example, the quotation and debtors' consignment modules require that the debtors' ledger be present while the purchase order and creditors' consignment modules need the creditors' ledger.

If you have any questions about choosing module suites, please contact us.


You may download a free trial of CARAT GSTA Flex with all the above modules.