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CARAT GSTA is our premier accounting software with several possible editions to meet the requirements of small to large companies. It has all the typical modules plus some unique features in a fuss-free and easy-to-learn package.

There are three standard editions of CARAT GSTA; Basic, Professional and Advanced. The Basic edition contains basic modules and does not have GST support. The Professional edition has all the Basic modules plus additional modules and GST support. The Advanced edition has all the modules in the Professional edition plus special modules like consignments, etc. Special modules will be added as and when there is a common need for them and there is sufficient demand.

In addition to the above standard editions, there is another version of CARAT GSTA called the Elite edition. This is the customised version of CARAT GSTA and the modules are based on one of the three standard editions and the existing modules are either modified or new ones added to meet the client's requirements. There is no limit to what can be customised and developed.
The following lists the possible modules in the standard editions of CARAT GSTA:-
Manage general ledger codes
Manage transaction types (Professional and Advanced only)
Manage cash and bank payments and receipts
Manage journals
Print cash, payment and journal vouchers
Print receipts
Print the chart of accounts, trial balance, general ledger, profit and loss account and balance sheet
Prepare and print the bank reconciliation statement
Print the group and trend analysis reports (Professional and Advanced only)
Audit posted transactions (Professional and Advanced only)
Manage debtor codes
Manage and print quotations (Professional and Advanced only)
Manage and print invoices, credit notes and debit notes
Print debtors' list, debtors' ledger, ageing report and statement of accounts
Print mailing labels, reminder letters, 50 fastest and slowest paying debtors (Professional and Advanced only)
Print account balances, outstanding invoices' list, GST verification status report (Professional and Advanced only)
Print analysis by debtor, stock, location, date, salesmen, payment and business types, (Professional and Advanced only)
Manage salesmen, locations, payment types, business types and industry codes (Professional and Advanced only)
Manage deliveries, print consignments' list and print consignment note
Manage sales, print consignment sales list, generate invoices and print tax invoices
Manage returns and print consignment returns list
Print consignment status report
Manage creditor codes
Manage and print purchase orders (Professional and Advanced only)
Manage invoices and credit notes
Manage and print debit notes
Print creditors' list, creditors' ledger and ageing report
Print mailing labels, account balances, outstanding invoices' and GST verification status (Professional and Advanced only)
Manage receipts and print consignments' receipt list
Manage sales, print consignment sales list and print statement of sales
Manage returns, print consignment returns list and print statement of returns
Print consignment status report
Manage stock categories
Manage stock codes
Manage stock adjustments
Print stock list, stock price list, stock movement report and stocktake worksheet
Print excess stock report, stock reorder report and receipts from suppliers report (Professional and Advanced only)
Print bin labels, stock expiry report and stock valuation report (Professional and Advanced only)
Refresh stock costs
GOODS AND SERVICES TAX (GST) (Professional and Advanced only)
Manage tax codes
Manage bad debts
Print purchase listing
Print supply listing
Print summary sheets for total acquisitions and total supplies
Print working sheets for debtors'/creditors' credit/debit notes
Print working sheets for bad debts
Print transactions without tax codes list
Print GL transactions with tax codes list
Print GST-03 tax return and export TAP file
Export the GAF and print the audit report
Manage GST submission data
Manage users and passwords
Manage modules users can access
Manage signature files associated with users
Print user audit trail (Professional and Advanced only)
Change preferences
Manage company data
Backup and restore data files
Manage batches (Professional and Advanced only)
Validate and rebuild ledgers
Auto-assign transaction numbers
Update report files
Online help
Currently, we have Elite editions of CARAT GSTA for the following businesses:-
Motor repair and tyre workshops
Magazine distribution
Spare parts retail and distribution
Computer graphics hardware and software retail
Contact us if you have interest in the above special versions of CARAT GSTA.

You can download and try out the Professional edition of CARAT GSTA via the Downloads menu at the top of this page.