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Call Analysis and Itemised Billing System

This project was to create a call analysis and itemised billing program to import CDR records from call centres, analyse them and create bills for calls made. It catered for postpaid and prepaid accounts.

The software had modules to manage customer data, country codes, call rates, receipts and adjustments.

After the data were imported, there were many reports to analyse and print out the information processed.
CARAT Commission Calculation (COMMCALC)

This software imports receipts from customers and processes commission payable to salespersons. The receipt data are imported from our customised bank system.

Once the receipt data have been imported, the client analyses them and decides which are allowed for commission payment and which are not. When this has been done, the program generates collection reports for final approval and payment.

In addition to bank receipts, COMMCALC allows the management of cash receipts and imports customer data from UBS.
CARAT Magazine Distribution And Accounting System (MiDAS)

This client distributes magazines and books and this software handles this process and prints delivery orders and invoices for customers. On the flip side, it also records stock received from suppliers. It also has a full accounting system to generate the financial statements.

Recently, the client has branched out into the grocery business and is now also using MiDAS to manage the distribution and sale of goods for their new venture.
Client Billing System For Professional Firms

This software is used by a secretarial and taxation firm. The program is used to manage the clients, disbursements and fees due for services rendered.

At pre-determined intervals, the disbursements and service fees are consolidated into bills which are then printed and sent to clients. When clients pay or when adjustments are needed, the details are entered in the program.

The software also prints statement of accounts and ageing reports.
Question And Answer Creation And Presentation System

This was one of our more complex software projects whereby we created 3 related software systems for a client who licensed them to educators, teachers and students. The first was a question and answer creation system which included images, diagrams and tables together with text organised within topics.

The second project was to have a system extract the questions and answers from the database and present it to students who would answer them online in a local area network.

Finally, a licence manager was created to ensure that both the software were licensed for use in a validated environment.

It was definitely a challenging project!
Invoicing System For Brick Manufacturing Factories

This client has two brick manufacturing factories and wanted a software system to manage brick production, invoices, pallet returns, transport data, sales orders and more.

The software also had the ability to print permits since extracting raw materials and converting them required licensing from the statutory body in charge of land matters.

In addition to the management modules, a large number of reports for analysis and presentation were included.

Since the factories were in remote locations and a distance from the main office, the software also included the feature to upload the backup files to their web site via FTP which could then be retrieved by the main office.
Query Stock Information Over The Internet

This web application was created for a client who needed the staff at a warehouse to be able to enquire about stock information and quantity balances at the main office where stock issues and receipts were carried out.

The application is hosted in-house and references the CARAT GSTA accounting database for the data and pulls the information in real-time while about 25 computers continue to perform sales and purchase transactions involving stock movements.
Flash Card System For Teaching Purposes

This project involved the creation of a software system to manage and display flash files that were created with Adobe Flash and were either static or moving images.

The software was designed as a teaching aid for students or as an instruction manual and was for a client who wanted to license the software to schools and colleges.