If you sell products and provide services and collect payments online, you will want an easy way to send a payment link to the customer to request for payment. iCARAT Empire makes it easy for you to do this as it can handle fixed price items or open payments.


Let's say that I want to collect a deposit for a pre-ordered item. Assuming my company ID is "CTS", the following would be my payment link:-


https://icarat.my/empire?coid=cts&itemdesc=Deposit For Cupboard&itemamt=1234.00


If I had defined my item (code: CTACPCE) with a fixed price of RM399.00 in iCARAT Empire, the following could be my payment link:-




The price of RM399.00 will automatically be extracted by iCARAT Empire, together with any special discount and be placed in the checkout page. The best part of this link is that I can use meaningful item codes instead of just numbers to represent the items I sell. It is clear and unambiguous.


I can copy and paste the above links into my social media messages, email, WhatsApp and anywhere else where clickable links are supported.


Another advantage of using iCARAT Empire for your online payment collections is that it supports up to 6 payment gateways. Each gateway has different merchant discount rates (MDR) and it is normal for you to choose the lowest rate to reduce your finance costs when collecting payments. If you want to do so during the payment stage, it would be difficult.


With iCARAT Empire, all you need to do is to sign up for several payment gateways (free accounts are available) and then, select say, card payments from payment gateway 1, FPX from payment gateway 2, e-wallets from payment gateway 3 and BNPL for payment gateway 4. You can switch it as often as you want and iCARAT Empire will present the selected payment gateway for the payment method that you choose automatically.


iCARAT Empire supports Billplz, Hitpay, SenangPay, Payex and BetterPay payment gateways and use their APIs to connect to them. Last but not least, DuitNow QR is also supported.


Register Here And Get Technical Support


Register for one or more of the payment gateways below by clicking their appropriate links and we will provide you assistance when setting up the payment gateways.


In addition to accepting payments from payment gateways, iCARAT Empire also has the following features:-


  • Manage items or services
  • Specify discount amounts or percentages for items/services for a range of dates
  • Manage vouchers for items/services
  • Create payment links for specified items or services
  • Create payment links for open descriptions and amounts
  • Create payment links where you can copy and paste to emails, documents and social media
  • Email payment links directly
  • Send WhatsApp messages with payment links
  • Allow customers to scan the QR code on your phone to take them to the checkout form
  • Allows you to include bank transfer links in the checkout form for customers to use JomPay, DuitNow or IBG
  • Allows you to include links to shopping sites like Lazada or Shopee for customers to pay for their items
  • Allow you to specify which payment method to use based on the payment amount range
  • Include payment method(s) in your payment link so that you can choose what to use for different transactions
iCARAT Empire is available with the following features:-
Evaluating iCARAT Empire

Click here to try iCARAT Empire. When the login module is seen, choose if you want to create payment links or manage data. Then, click the Eval button to login as an evaluation user and perform the task you have selected.

Note: As an evaluation user, you may only display the sample data.
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