CARSA Empire

Sell online and collect payments everywhere

Give your customers the option to pay with FPX, credit/debit cards and e-wallets
via social media, web sites, email, WhatsApp, SMS, PDF files and QR codes
from just RM1.00 per transaction, regardless of amount!

Easy To Use

Sharing a payment link is a simple 3-step process

1. Login
2. Choose which items to sell or services you wish to provide or request for an open payment
3. Copy, email, WhatsApp, SMS the links, scan the QR code or just check out

The checkout page is what your customer will see when they click the payment link you have sent them.
Collect payments for items or services

Collect open payments

Offer periodic discounts

Manage vouchers

Share payment links anywhere


Low cost

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a subscription?

Decide on the CARSA Empire edition you want and click the "Buy Monthly/Yearly" button below. You will be sent to an CARSA Empire checkout page for you to enter your details and make the necessary payment. Once we receive notification about your purchase, we will create your CARSA Empire account and email you the login details.

Do I need to sign up for a payment/SMS gateway account?

CARSA Empire comes with online banking (IBG, DuitNow and JomPay) and shopping site payment methods ready for use.

However, you need to sign up for a free Billplz basic account to get the FPX payment method added. If you need Visa/MasterCard credit/debit card and/or e-wallet payment methods as well, you will need to apply from Billplz and receive approval from their partners. These procedures are necessary for you to complete so that the payments you collect will go to your bank account.

As for the SMS gateway, you need to sign up with either BulkSMSMalaysia or One Way SMS and top up the account balance if you want to use SMS to send your payment links.

Can I stop my subscription after it ends?

Yes, you may. You are not bound by any requirement to continue with your subscription after it ends. In fact, once your subscription ends, your CARSA Empire account is disabled as well and you will no longer be able to access it unless you choose to renew the subscription.

Is subscription renewal automatic?

No, subscription renewal is not automatic. Before your subscription ends, you will be sent an email asking if you wish to renew it. If yes, you will need to click the payment link to purchase a renewal.

Otherwise, simply ignore the email and your subscription and access to your CARSA Empire account will end after the expiry date.

Note: Your subscription expiry date is shown in the manager's Help | Display Application Information module.

Are technical support and application updates included?

Yes. Your subscription includes technical support and program updates at no extra charge.


RM180/year (save RM36)
100 Items & discounts
Online banking
Shopping sites
FPX, Visa, MasterCard*
100 checkouts/month
Buy Monthly Buy Yearly
RM380/year (save RM76)
300 Items & discounts
Online banking
Shopping sites
FPX, Visa, MasterCard*
300 Vouchers
300 checkouts/month
Buy Monthly Buy Yearly
RM680/year (save RM136)
600 Items & discounts
Online banking
Shopping sites
FPX, Visa, MasterCard*
600 Vouchers
600 checkouts/month
Buy Monthly Buy Yearly
RM980/year (save RM196)
Unlimited Items & discounts
Online banking
Shopping sites
FPX, Visa, MasterCard*
Unlimited Vouchers
Unlimited checkouts/month
Buy Monthly Buy Yearly


  • The FPX payment method requires the signing up for a free Billplz account it costs RM1.00 per payment, regardless of amount
  • The Visa, MasterCard and e-wallet payment methods require the application with and approval from Billplz's payment partners
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice
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