CARAT DirectAds can be used as a directory search application where it is installed into a computer with a touch screen and users can search for a shop or office tenant by selecting categories followed by names. When the directory search is not used for a set amount of time, CARAT DirectAds will start displaying advertising images or video in a loop. When a user touches the screen, the advertising function stops and the directory search window is re-displayed.

Alternatively, you can use CARAT DirectAds without the directory search function and just display advertising images and videos to promote the products and services you sell and provide.

You can use CARAT DirectAds in a shopping mall, office block, shop, dentist's office, doctor's office and any other place where there is plenty of foot traffic. It is a known fact that people are drawn to moving images.

IMPORTANT:   If you plan to use CARAT DirectAds for directory search functions, customisations will be necessary as each client has their own design facade and company information.
CARAT DirAds - Example of directory display
This is an example of the first screen of the directory search window where your logo and company details are shown together with a floor directory and general location map.
CARAT DirAds - Example of directory search
This is an example of the screen of the directory search window after you start a directory search.

You can search by alphabetical order, categories and the tenant's name.

In this example, the tenant's front shop's image will be shown on the right and the tenant's details will show at the bottom.
CARAT DirAds - Example of advertising display
This is an example of the screen display when the advertising mode kicks in after there is no activity after a period of time.

CARAT DirectAds can display JPG and PNG images and AVI and MP4 video in a continuous loop in the order you set until someone touches the screen or moves the mouse.

A trial for CARAT DirectAds is available here.
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