CARATWEB Sales Order module

CARAT web (CARATWEB) applications are software that require a web browser to work.

Typically, these applications are hosted by another computer on the Internet or your own computer with a web server.

You can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to access CARATWEB applications.

We have off-the-shelf applications which are designed to be used by the majority of users. On the other hand, we have customised applications that are commissioned by clients and are used by them alone.

This page describes the standard applications that we have available currently.

Sales Orders

This system consists of the customers, stocks and sales order modules. Salesmen visiting customers can take orders there and then and call up this system to record items the customer wishes to order. Once the order is saved, the sales and delivery staff from the office can view and create delivery orders and invoices.

Although this trio of modules are hosted in the cloud, the best use for it would be to be installed in the same computer as our CARAT GSTA accounting system. This would allow CARATWEB to refer to the accounting software for the customers, stocks , preferences and users' data and also allow the invoicing modules to link to the sales order tables.

In this scenario, there would be no need to have duplicates of the customer, stock, company and users' data in the cloud as well as the office computer.

Click here to try out the CARATWEB Sales Order System.


This system allows you to manage bookings of assets you have. Assets may include halls, vehicles, restaurant tables and so on. The modules consists of the assets, customers and bookings.

Click here to try out the CARATWEB Bookings System.


This system allows you to manage appointments for your service business. In a motor workshop for example, you could record appointments from customers to fix or service their vehicles at an appointed date and time.

Click here to try out the CARATWEB Appointments System.

Price Bid System

This system allows our clients to submit a bid for software and services they desire, at the prices they want. It is an example of a web application you can ask us to create to allow your customers to perform self-management of their accounts or submit orders for goods.

Click here to try out the CARATWEB Price Bid System.

Add-On Modules For CARAT GSTA

This system contains web applications that extracts data from the CARAT GSTA Flex software and processes them for display and printing from another location.

Click here to try out the CARATWEB Add-On Modules For CARAT GSTA.


•   CARATWEB applications may be hosted in your own computer or in the cloud
•   Customisations of existing modules are available
•   We also provide web software development services if you want an application created to your specifications