iCARAT Balance is a cloud-based accounting system for all types of businesses. It is simple to use, inexpensive and meets all requirements for a complete accounting system. It is available for use 24/7 and you can use it anywhere where there is an Internet connection.

TIP: Although iCARAT Balance is a web application, it is paid once and there are no additional charges!

Several variations of iCARAT Balance are available for you to choose depending on your business type and requirements:-

•   G
•   GDC
•   GDCS


G = General Ledger (for managing cash and bank transactions and adjustments and cash sales income)
D = Debtors' Ledger (for managing debtors and their invoices, receipts, credit notes and debit notes, including stock issuance and returns inwards)
C = Creditors' Ledger (for managing creditors and their invoices, payments, credit notes and debit notes, including stock receipts and returns outwards)
S = Stock Ledger (for managing stock and service item details and stock adjustments)

Who Can Use iCARAT Balance?

•   Companies
•   Home-based businesses
•   Startups
•   Charities
•   Non-government organisations
•   Non-profit organisations
•   Hawkers
•   Night market traders
•   Resident associations and groups
•   Small project managers
•   Event managers
•   Schools
•   Kindergartens
•   And more...

Features And Benefits

General Ledger
•   Manage GL codes
•   Manage cash and bank receipts and payments and cash sales income
•   Manage journal adjustments
•   Print petty cash vouchers, payment vouchers and journal vouchers
•   Print chart of accounts, trial balance, group report and general ledger
•   Prepare and print bank reconciliation statements
•   Print the profit and loss account for current year-to-date, current month versus current year-to-date and 12 months
•   Print the balance sheet for current year, current year versus last year and 12 months

Debtors' Ledger
•   Manage debtors' details
•   Manage and print sales invoices
•   Manage and print receipts
•   Manage and print credit notes
•   Manage and print debit notes
•   Print ledger
•   Print statement of accounts
•   Print ageing report
•   Print outstanding invoices' list
•   Print balance report

Creditors' Ledger
•   Manage creditors' details
•   Manage purchase invoices
•   Manage and print payments
•   Manage credit notes
•   Manage and print debit notes
•   Print ledger
•   Print ageing report
•   Print outstanding invoices' list
•   Print balance report

Stock Ledger
•   Manage stock and service items
•   Manage stock adjustments
•   Print stock movement report
•   Print stock price lists
•   Print stock reorder report
•   Print excess stock report
•   Print stocktake worksheet
•   Print stock balance report

•   Manage an unlimited number of users who can access the application
•   Limit which modules a user can access

•   Includes online help
•   Available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
•   Use it from multiple locations and devices at the same time by multiple users
•   Includes warranty of 12 months (Fulfilled by automatic program updates)
•   No installation necessary
•   One-time payment

System Requirements

•   Internet connection
•   Any modern web browser
•   Any device with a screen resolution of at least 1366 x 768 (Desktop, laptop and tablet recommended)

Free Evaluation

If you are interested in trying out iCARAT Balance, click here.
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