iCARAT Attrack is a cloud-based activity tracker application that can be used if you have more than one employee in a single office location or multiple branch locations. What it does is to allow you record and track activities on a daily basis for a selected month and year for a number of categories.

Your categories can include:-

•   Attendances
•   Appointments
•   Bookings
•   Deliveries
•   Sales
•   Expenses
•   Orders
•   To-do lists
•   Employee leave
•   Schedules
•   Requests
•   And so on.

You can mix and match the above categories or even create sub-categories of them. It is entirely up to you to decide how you want to manage the way you want to track your activities.

An example of its use is for managing motor workshop bookings. Let's say that your workshop can handle up to 10 service and repair jobs a day. Your receptionist receives a call from a customer to book a spot on a certain date for car service. Using iCARAT Attrack, the staff selects the relevant date and enters the request, with any remarks. This is repeated multiple times in the day.

When the date is reached, your foreman will click the date and check the work schedules for the day and allocates staff for them.

iCARAT Attrack's strength is to allow different users at the same location or different locations to collaborate activities among themselves from a single application 24/7. You can even create activities to be taken care of by another branch office or specified staff member by simply the choosing the category you have created for them.

If you are concerned that unauthorised users can change or delete activities created by users, you may be pleased to know that iCARAT Attrack by default, prevents this from happening unless the supervisor allows it.

Features And Benefits

•   Manage categories
•   Select and manage by day, month and year
•   Filter by categories
•   Prevent changes and deletions by a user for activities created by another user, unless allowed
•   Manage an unlimited number of users who can access the application
•   Limits which modules a user can access
•   Available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
•   Use it from a single location or multiple locations at the same time by multiple users
•   Includes automatic unlimited updates for the duration of the subscription
•   Includes unlimited email support
•   No installation is necessary

System Requirements

•   Internet connection
•   Any modern web browser
•   Any device with a screen resolution of at least 1366 x 768 (Desktop, laptop and tablet recommended)

Free Evaluation

If you are interested in trying out iCARAT Attrack, click here.
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