CARAT Accounts+ is our premier accounting software created for small to large companies. It has been designed to be flexible and easy to learn and use.
CARAT GSTA Flex - Display Debtors' Invoices
The following describes the modules included in CARAT Accounts+.

●   Manage general ledger codes
●   Manage transaction types
●   Manage cash and bank payments and receipts
●   Manage journals
●   Print cash, payment and journal vouchers
●   Print receipts
●   Print the chart of accounts, trial balance, general ledger, profit and loss account and balance sheet
●   Prepare and print the bank reconciliation statement
●   Print the group and trend analysis reports
●   Audit posted transactions

●   Manage debtor codes
●   Manage and print invoices, credit notes and debit notes
●   Print debtors' list, debtors' ledger, ageing report and statement of accounts
●   Print mailing labels, reminder letters, 50 fastest and slowest paying debtors
●   Print account balances and outstanding invoices' list
●   Print analysis by debtor, stock, location, date, salesmen, payment and business types
●   Manage salesmen, locations, payment types, business types and industry codes

●   Manage quotations
●   Print quotations
●   Link debtors' invoices with quotations and extract quotation details into invoices

●   Manage creditor codes
●   Manage invoices and credit notes
●   Manage and print debit notes
●   Print creditors' list, creditors' ledger and ageing report
●   Print mailing labels, account balances and outstanding invoices' list

●   Manage purchase orders
●   Print purchase orders
●   Link creditors' invoices with purchase orders and extract purchase order details into invoices

●   Manage stock categories
●   Manage stock codes
●   Manage stock adjustments
●   Print stock list, stock price list, stock movement report and stocktake worksheet
●   Print excess stock report, stock reorder report and receipts from suppliers report
●   Print bin labels, stock expiry report and stock valuation report
●   Refresh stock costs

●   Manage users and passwords
●   Manage modules users can access
●   Manage signature files associated with users
●   Print user audit trail

●   Change preferences
●   Manage company data
●   Backup and restore data files
●   Manage batches
●   Validate and rebuild ledgers
●   Auto-assign transaction numbers
●   Update report files
●   Online help
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