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Our software are designed and created to give you trouble-free use for an extended period of time. We also benefit in that we do not receive a lot of support calls. However, if you encounter a problem with any of our software, we will ensure that it is solved as soon as possible. You can contact us via email or telephone as follows:- Email: Phone 1: +603-6261 6218 Phone 2: +6011-1533 2183 (WhatsApp) Explain as clearly as possible, the steps to replicate the problem. You may be asked to provide us with data files, screenshots and so on to help us solve the problem quicker. Important: Do not simply send us a screenshot of the problem. You need to include an explanation as to how the problem occurred with steps to reproduce it. If we detect that the problem is not coming from our software, you will be advised to seek alternative help.


Standard - All clients receive email and telephone support at no charge for as long as they are using our software registered in their company’s or own name. This support covers any aspect of our software and the user has to follow our instructions and perform the steps themselves to fix problems. This level does not include the Update Service described below. Priority - This support is an annual paid plan for clients who need quicker support and require our assistance in fixing problems they may have with our software. In addition to the standard support, remote access support is also included. This allows us to connect to the client’s computer via the Internet to fix the software from our side. The Priority support level includes the Update Service described below. The annual fee for priority support is 10% of the cost of the software at the time of renewal or RM390, whichever is higher, Note: Priority support is optional and is not required for clients to continue using our software. Update Service - This is a part of the Priority support level and it allows you to download and install updates to minor versions of the software. Updates are patch files that contain code to correct problems. A minor version is represented by the MM.NN portion of the YYYY.MM.NN version number.