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We specialise in developing customised business application software for the Windows operating system and web applications that run from the Internet/Intranet via desktops, notebooks, tablets and smart phones using a web browser. Our target industries include but are not limited to finance, payroll, retail, distribution, manufacturing and services. If you are able to describe your requirements, we will be able to put it on paper and create the specifications and present a proposal to you. The rates we charge are based on the complexity of the software required and are reasonably ascertained. We provide quality work and strive to meet high standards that we have set for our company and our staff. Our responsibilities do not end upon completion and delivery of a software. We pride ourselves in giving you, excellent after-sales services and in ensuring that our software will continue to run smoothly for as long as you use it. Among the applications that we have developed include the following:- Accounting for trading and professional firms and non-profit organisations and clubs Consignment management to customers and from suppliers Fixed asset management Order processing and invoicing Stock control Eggs production management Human resource management Payroll management Leave management Real estate management Distribution and sales of magazines and foodstuff Brick production management and sales Tenant information search, display and management Property management and tenant billing Contact management Cheque register Airwaybill management and printing Materials resource planning Logistics and transport Reminder management and display Examination question and answer creation and display tools Prepaid and postpad call management and billing Office file management and searching Restaurant table booking Device and hardware control Data conversion and transfer When you engage us to create or customise your software, you can expect the following benefits:- Reasonable cost Fast delivery Knowledgeable experts to discuss and suggest solutions Excellent after-delivery technical support Contact us to discuss your requirements and get your customised software developed!