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C T Software does not give out any customer information to any third party under any circumstances.

Cookie Usage

If the user elects to have the web site remember their user login information, persistent cookies are used to store the login information. This allows the user to forego logging into the web site to access extended features such as special client areas, downloads, and posting on our support forums. If the user elects to not remember the login information, then a session-only cookie will be used to store the login information and is used to allow the user to login only once for the browser session and still be able to access the extended features of the web site.

Download and Web Page Logging

C T Software reserves the right to track certain activities on this web site, specifically web page views and the downloading of a licensed copy of a product from this web site as well as any failed attempts to do so using incorrect client information. This is done to protect both C T Software and our clients from illegal distribution of a licensed copy of one of our products.

Sample Projects and Data

At certain times our technical support staff may request sample database tables or application projects from our clients in order to assist in replicating a problem the client may be having. This information is not used for any purpose other than technical support and is destroyed after it is no longer needed.